Friday, April 13, 2029.


Asteroid 99942 Apophis collides with the Earth. Ten million are left dead from the resulting devastation.


In the years following the reconstruction the Sol Foundation was formed to “Spread humanity to the stars and ensure survival of the species”.


By 2057 the colonies of Ganymede, Europa, Calisto and Io had merged to form the Jovian States.


In 2088, Unhappy with Sol Foundation rule a revolutionary war breaks out between Earth, Mars and the Jovian States.


The huge distances involved see that the war simmers for 75 years.


In 2163, the Sol Foundation launch a deadly new technology that turns the tide of the war in their favor.


Desperately the Jovian Militia place their faith in one last hope...


The Mech Skin ENCELADUS.


The first war of the worlds


Three worlds. Two sides. One war.


Truth be told there are two sides to every story. In the end history decides who was in the “right” after the fact. Usually by way of being the victor.


The Sol War, the first true war of the worlds, started when the colonists out on the Jovian settlements resented the restrictions and taxations put upon them by the Sol Foundation.


The Sol Foundation saw this as a breach of contract on the part of the Settlements, most of which had been founded and funded by the Sol Foundation. While a few generations is less than a blink of an eye in cosmic terms on a personal scale it’s a lifetime worth of blood, sweat and tears.


For the Jovian settlers who had built and maintained their homes and livelihoods in the harsh environments of the outer planets it seemed that they had fulfilled their end of the bargain and the time had come for their independence


And they were ready to fight for it.


So began a war that lasted for generations. The great distances involved in the interplanetary skirmishes meant that both sides had more than enough time to plan their attacks leaving the conflict at an impasse. As generations continued the ongoing battles it seemed to become more a way of life than a battle for independence.


Battles were always far away and long ago.


That was until the Sol Foundation discovered a new faster propulsion system which suddenly gave them the upper hand. They could now appear in days instead of months. Their first few attacks knocked the balance in their favor.


But the Jovians didn’t fold and instead began a desperate campaign of retaliation to try to claw back from the brink of destruction..



For Humanity, For Earth.


Founded after the Apophis event of 2029 the Sol Foundation formed with the intention of ensuring the continuation of humanity by spreading it out beyond the confines of Earth. The Foundation spearheaded the establishment of civilian settlers on Mars by 2042. Less than a decade later the first communities broke ground on the Jupiter moons of Ganymede, Europa and Calisto which quickly merged to form the Jovian States in 2057.


All these frontier colonies were funded by the Sol Foundation who expected a return on their investment and the first generation of immigrants were happy to oblige, grateful of the opportunity to begin anew off-world. Their descendants, the children that had been born on these remote colonies, were less keen on the prospect of being indentured servants to their “off-world masters” and that’s when the Sol Foundation ran into issues trying to keep the “troublemakers” in line.



Liberty and Equality, or Death.


The Jovian Militia formed during the Europa uprising of 2088 when settlers took up arms against the Sol police state. The militia attempts to limit their targets only to Sol Military targets and as such has gained popular support amongst the settlers. So much so that the Militia has achieved an almost legendary Robin Hood like status.


The militia works hard to keep their numbers and locations secret. Using standard civilian mech skins the militia has upgraded them for quick conversion to weaponized platforms using hidden weapon caches.


Armored Titans


Developed during the early days of Martian settlement the mech skin concept grew out of the need for a more robust EVA solution that would give the wearer more protection as well as enhanced abilities for production, construction and assembly in the hostile environs of the outer system.


Military use of mech skins quickly outstripped civilian development once the Sol War began. Earth mechs had access to the latest Sol Fotundation research and technology while the Jovian mechs relied more on modifying easily found civilian machines for battle. In between both of these faction the “neutral” Mars colonies produced their own hybrid technologies and skins which they sold to both sides.


Mech skins are designed to be use a universal interlock system which allows the owners to swap out limbs and weapons as needed. This gives a near unlimited ability to customize the units for specific tasks.



Born: 2140, Titan

Jovian Militia

Call Sign: Enchilada


A young trainee mech pilot from the farming settlements of Titan who was thrown in to the war when his transport was attacked on its way to Io.


Under the mentorship of Gunnar Harris, he pilots the Enceladus as the Jovian Militia makes its last attempts to avoid defeat.



The Mech Assault Skin Enceladus was developed in the middle years of the Sol War. Gradually it was replaced with newer models and the old mechs had their weaponry removed and were sold off to civilians. The Enceladus series is popular for its overpowered power plant and ease of customization. For that reason they see a lot of use in farming and construction in the outer colonies.


The Enceladus series is surprisingly adept in melee combat thanks to its long and light arms. Shoulder missile and mortar bays give its tank-like mass and added degree of menace.


This particular unit has received some special modifications that make it a potent weapon for the Militia that may turn the tide of the war to their favor. The only problem is that it is still a few parts short of full potential and the only experienced pilot with this series of Mech is a young bumpkin.



The foremost combat skin in the Sol Foundation’s arsenal the Athena is reserved for the top pilots. Its advanced attack capabilities make it a lethal weapon in the hands of an ace like Ellie Diavalo of 315 Squadron.


Born: 2139, Mars

No affiliation

Call Sign: RKO


Born to Paleontologist parents on Mars, Arky spent a good deal of her youth traveling Earth dig sites and museums. Her love of Dinosaurs was short lived when Earth was closed to off-worlders in 2102 forcing her family back to Mars and into other employment to earn an income.


A troubled teenager Arky ran away from home and found work with a black market mech parts dealer. She got thrown in with Keir and Gunnar when they rescued her from the same transport attack that they were in.


Born: 2121, Earth

Jovian Militia

Call Sign: Grizzly


He never talks about his past but it’s known that he used to be part of the Sol Foundation’s Mech troops until he defected to the Militia 10 years ago. Gunnar was originally going to pilot the Enceladus and was delivering the mech on the passenger transport that was the first casualty of the Sol Foundation new Blitz Krieg.


Injured and unable to pilot he managed to escape thanks to Keir’s previous training with the Enceladus mech. He is on desk duty while his injuries heal, something that makes him even grumpier than usual.


Born 2137, Earth

Sol Foundation, Sub Lieutenant

Call sign: Lucifire


Ellie is one of the Sol Foundation’s youngest aces with 17 confirmed kills. Piloting the standard Athena mech of the 315 squadron she’s a dangerous adversary with an almost supernatural ability to cheat death.


Her hatred of the Enceladus and its new pilot are immense and she will stop at nothing to take them out once and for all.

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